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5 Ways WebPT Uses Their Space to Cultivate Culture

“It’s really about inspiring and motivating the people who are there, and also having a community feel,” Heidi Jannenga said as we sat below the barrel ceiling of WebPT’s industrial office space in downtown Phoenix for the latest Tour de Tech.

As a physical therapist who struggled with the manual paper processes of the profession, Heidi knew there had to be an easier way to document patients’ progress. In 2006, she partnered with Brad Jannenga to build the solution to PT’s needs and launched WebPT in 2007.

This year WebPT celebrates it’s 10 year anniversary, and their office space embodies the culture that has led to its success.

5 Ways WebPT Uses Their Space to Cultivate Culture

1.“Mas with menos”

“We keep it minimalist while giving you the tools you need,” Heidi said as she explained one of their core values. From the exposed barrel roof to rawness of the architecture, the space mirrors the guiding principles of their software and team.

2. Nooks for meeting

Besides big conference rooms, WebPT has carved out little nooks for people to encourage collaboration.

3. Meditation room

“Part of the culture is word hard, play hard,” Heidi said. Since meditation and mindfulness are important, WebPT provides team members with Headspace along with a meditation room, allowing everyone to step away and regroup between work.

4. Lots of glass

The glass windows and walls of the building’s interior and exterior offer glimpses inside the happenings of the organization to promote transparency.

5. Massage chairs

As a tech company in the health industry, wellness is important to WebPT which is why you can find team members taking calls from massage chairs. The pneumatic compression helps with recovery from activities like hiking and exercise.

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